Developing Digital Diversity: conferenza a Londra

Ciao Elena,

volevo segnalare alla lista un appuntamento interessante qui a Londra:

Digital Diversity
20 e 21 Luglio 2006
ICA, Londra

La conferenza organizzata in collaborazione con la TVU (Thames Valley
University) si svolgera' nelle giornate del 20 e 21 Luglio 2006 presso
l'ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) di Londra.

Se siete nella capitale, o avete in programma una visita (di lavoro o
di piacere) e siete interessati a partecipare come 'delegate' o meglio
ancora se qualcuno di voi ha qualcosa da 'aggiungere' allora sarebbe
interessante sentirvi in qualita' di relatori.

In breve:

The Developing Digital Diversity project aims to examine and address
issues related to:

  • Widening participation in the digital arena
  • Encouraging marginalised groups to become practitioners, and to
  • think creatively using digital technology

  • The dissemination of digital work looked at from political, social,
  • cultural anthropological, practical and pedagogical points of view

  • The impact of aesthetic and functional qualities of interfaces on user
  • groups

  • Emerging networks of communication creating global communities
  • Programma:

    Day 1 Creative solutions
    The opening day will focus on initiatives that address issues of
    multiplicity in media use and access. Innovative projects may focus on
    a variety of related issues including:

    Political - widening access and improving participation in everything
    digital is a cultural necessity for a more tolerant and inclusive
    society. Political activists state that the only way to become a
    participating citizen in democracy now is to be technologically

    Cultural - enrichment and experience - knowledge transfer of ideas.
    Cultural initiatives and projects that connect different community

    Social - the democratising influence of wider participation

    Educational - widening participation - A HEFCE directive

    Day 2 Focus on industry and future trends
    Speakers from key industry sectors will present panels that discuss
    trends on the following topics:

    Economic, marketing, design, developing, publishing, distribution

    To contribute to the discussions we would like to hear from anyone
    working in the digital media or creative industries, academics or
    project coordinators who have experience of relevant projects to
    share. For details on how to contribute please visit the call for
    papers section.

    Per maggiori informazioni visitate il sito
    o mandate una mail a

    Grazie mille e buon lavoro.


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