Fiat Germany's New Freshmaker

Ciao a tutti,

rilancio un thread, cioè la vendita di automobili on line.
Ho trovato questa notizia su IDEABEAT una newsletter USA relativa al
retail (on e off line).

"German supermarket chain Edeka got the go ahead from German courts on
Friday to continue selling Fiat's subcompact Punto car as part of a
bundled package that includes a number of unrelated items.
...the court ordered Edeka to stop advertising the deal, which offered
consumers two bundled deals, each anchored by the Punto, for 23,000 marks
($10,850) over the Internet.
..the court on Friday failed to side with Fiat in its argument that the
deal violated a German retail law that prevents stores from bundling
together different goods with an umbrella price tag...
The court rejected that claim, saying that shoppers were smart enough to
compare the prices themselves...
Fiat also claimed the supermarket chain has no legitimate contract with
Fiat to sell its cars, and that the chain is undermining its sales
network. Fiat said it would appeal the ruling in court.
Edeka reports that interest in the deal has increased dramatically....
..On top of the 100 people that have ordered the package and are awaiting
delivery, thousands have made inquiries about the deal on line..."

Cosa ne pensate ? Mi sembra una mossa decisamente rivoluzionaria.

Utilizzare un'automobile come civetta non si era ancora visto nemmeno
off-line. Sarebbe possibile in Italia ?

Ho cercato sul sito di Edeka maggiori dettagli ma non ho trovato nulla.
Forse il mio tedesco è troppo base :-)

Il link alla notizia è il seguente: at.cfm?date=2001/05/21#EB1

Sergio Di Bartolomeo