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Ciao a tutti,

Visto che mi pare ci fosse stata una richiesta da parte di qualcuno che si
interessa di weblogs qualche settimana fa (scusate ma non ricordo chi
fosse), ho pensato di inoltrarvi una mail che riguarda una conferenza sul
weblogging che è in fase di preparazione.


Luca Meyer
consulente specializzato nella ricerca sul consumatore

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Oggetto: [Air-l] ANN BlogTalk 2.0 conference call for papers

Dear members of AOIR,

this is the official announcement of Blogtalk 2.0. The European
Conference on Weblogs -
http://blogtalk.net -- July 2004 and its call for papers.

The conference is designed to initiate a dialog between bloggers,
developers, researchers and others who share, enjoy and analyse the
benefits of blogging. The focus is on weblogs as an expression of a
culture based on the exchange of information, ideas and knowledge. In
the spirit of the free exchange of opinions, links and thoughts we wish
to engage a wide range of participants from the blogosphere in this

This time we decided to establish a steering committee that mirrors the
different cultures and economics of weblogs and the blogosphere.

We have Torill Mortensen, who is the representative of weblogs as social
and cultural texts and techniques thus linking to the domain of
research. Jörg Kantel and Peter Praschl are representing the German
speaking bloggery and partly the technological as well as the
journalistic or more aesthetic aspects of weblogging. Clay Shirky
represents the domain of social software, usability, trends and usage of
web technology.

All of the committee are bloggers themselves with one exception, Clay
Shirky, who is nonetheless present on the web through his writings and
participates in a group-weblog.

Please submit a proposal, spread the word of this unique conference, and
come to meet us in Vienna, Austria. The conference will be held in the
first days of July 2004. Details coming up soon.

For further information please visit http://blogtalk.net

Thanks for listening

Thomas N. Burg