Requiem per

Mentre stavo pulendo la casella di posta ;-)

ho trovato lo sfavillante messaggio di benvenuto, ricevuto dopo la mia
iscrizione a piu' di un anno fa.

Ora penso che ho appena ricevuto la comunicazione del giudice fallimentare
che mi informa dell'ultimo triste tentativo di far fruttare questo
splendido e defunto portale dell'arredamento: la vendita delle liste di
utenti registrati...

Riposi in pace :-)
E buon we!!

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  • The United States Bankruptcy Court entered an order on October 30, 2000,
    approving a Settlement Agreeement between the Texas Attorney General and
    Lisa M. Poulin, the Chapter 11 Trustee for Inc. allowing for
    sale of the customer and registered user lists.
    You are on one of those lists.

    Currently, the Trustee proposes to sell the customer list and the
    user list to MARTHA STEWART LIVING OMNIMEDIA, INC., a lifestyle company.
    This sale will allow the customers of the opportunity to
    information from Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. The Trustee will
    include any personal financial information, including but not limited to
    credit card numbers, social security numbers and bank account numbers, in
    any sale or transfer of customer information. Each customer has the right
    to inform the Trustee, by e-mail, that they do not want to have their
    information provided to to MARTHA STEWART LIVING OMNIMEDIA, INC.

    If you do not wish to have your customer information provided to to MARTHA
    STEWART LIVING OMNIMEDIA, INC., simply reply to this e-mail and you will
    removed from the lists transferred to MARTHA STEWART LIVING OMNIMEDIA,
    Any reply received will cause you to be automatically removed and please
    advised that the substance of the reply will not be read or otherwise
    reviewed. Also, please respond in 7 days or it will be assumed that you
    not wish to be removed from the lists.

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