Un'altra tomba: Messaging Online

Ciao a tutti,

quasi tutti i giorni visito la pagina
http://www.messagingonline.com /wireless.html .

Dalla fine di febbraio non venivano inserite nuove notizie, così oggi mi
sono deciso ad andare a vedere il sito.

Sotto trovate il testo della 'Shutdown letter', sulla home page c'è anche
il 'Goodbye video'.

Non so bene cosa dire, a me il loro servizio di news interessava, non solo
la parte wireless ma in genere i contenuti legati alla messaggistica on

Mi dispiace e mi spaventa un po' il fatto che abbiano chiuso.

Andrea Fava

To: Subscribers
From: Messaging Online editor
Date: 20 Feb 2001
Subject: Messaging Online to Cease Publication

Dear Readers,

It is with great regret that I must inform you that Messaging Online is
forced to cease publication due to lack of funds. Feb. 20 will be the last
day of publication for Messaging Headline News, and Friday, Feb. 23 will be
the last day of publication for Messaging Today.

The Messaging Online Year End 2000 Mailbox Report will be delivered in
three consecutive daily issues of Messaging Today on Feb. 21 to 23, and
will be available on the Web for download in its entirety on Friday.

Here's URL for the online version:
http://www.messagingonline.com /mt/html/feature2000.html

Since we launched our services on Sept. 9, 1999, our goal has been to prove
that HTML email broadcasting is the news medium of the future, merging the
best aspects of print and broadcast journalism, but losing much of the
expense of production and delivery. We achieved that goal, reaching people
in some 82 countries with twice-daily HTML-enriched columns and features,
completely free of charge. We also managed to deliver those 6800
newsletters per day at a total cost under 9 cents a piece -- less than the
cost of a stamp! Unfortunately, that still leaves a major gap between
income and expenses which our sponsors are no longer able to shoulder for

It has been a joy to serve our global readership and interact with you via
the technologies we write about. Hopefully we helped to save a few trees by
helping you cut down on the number of publications you need to skim each
day, but we fear you printed out a lot of HTML pages anyhow. We tried to
save you time by wasting our own, searching the world for news and opinions
that affect the messaging industry, but some readers reported it took them
longer to read our daily message broadcasts than it took us to produce
them. An obvious scalability problem there. Such is life with the
bottomless Web, with its infinite capacity to deliver text, sound, photos
and video all in one tightly-wrapped and brightly-colored HTML email
message. Now if we could only figure out how to make some money with it...

We will continue answering your email. Please feel free to contact us at
the addresses listed, but don't sell them to some spammers on us. We never
sold yours (although the thought crossed our minds ;-). You'll also see us
on AOL Instant Messenger, Napster, and ICQ from time to time. If you do,
please say hello.


Eric Arnum, Editor
ICQ 106408862
AIM FmrEditorofMO

Jose Carvajal, Managing Editor

Bruce Chew, Webmaster