RE Webmarketing nel settore food

Ciao a tutti e a Corrado:

There are many questions here and some ideas that highlight a lot of the
good and bad issues facing Italian web marketers right now. Rather than
discuss them all here, I'll voice my opinions from the experiences I've
had in the U.S.

1) First, I believe that marketing has to have a "meta-strategy" that
unites all its parts and that marketing has to be viewed holistically: the
site experience is as much a part of your marketing as your off-site
online promotion since it's only one click from promise to delivery. This
means that you should really consider ways to improve the load time and
performance of your site.

2) Second, games unless they are very targeted on your target audience AND
on your products are a waste of money. A recent U.S. survey of online
groceries showed that 75% of actual shoppers disliked the games, while 75%
of non-shoppers enjoyed them but never planned on purchasing. But
interactive agencies love to sell these to clients because they are fun
and look good in the portfolio.

3) Both as a client ( I was the head of Nike's interactive group) and as a
agency that consults on brand marketing online (so I'm not impartial here)
I have found that the most under-estimated element of online marketing is
content creation. This is for two reasons: creating compelling content is
very hard AND you have to create it on a regular basis to stay in the
mindset of your end consumer. (This is why so many magazines and
newspapers fail.) Now, a newsletter that dealt specifically with the
creation of your products and educated consumers on your products are
better would be very useful though still hard to produce. Remember also
with a clipping-based newsletter that you will have copyright and
licensing issues!

4) I think your coupon idea is really, really good and something we used
very effectively for tracking end-consumer locations as mapped against web
usage?and can be very effect with your B2B customers.

Corrado, if you would like to speak directly about any of these points? or
your specific issues? please feel free to email me at

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